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I would like to know more about Sage One Payroll

I would like to have a look at the software. Is this possible?

Yes, you are entitled to a 30-day trial period. This will provide you with access to our demo software, where a demo company has been set up. You will also be able to experience the full functionality of Sage One Payroll. All you need is an email address and password.

I have used the 30-day trial version, and would like to continue using Sage One Payroll. How would I go about doing this?

You are just one click away from using the full functionality of our online payroll software. Simply click on the ‘Go Live Now’ button within your demo company. You will then need to complete the registration process. If you are not logged into your demo company, all you need to do is click on Sign Upand complete the registration process.

I completed the registration process. Now what?

An email will be sent straight to your inbox confirming your registration. Your online payroll software will only be activated once you have clicked on the activation link within the email. You will then be able to log into Sage One Payroll and start using the full functionality of your online payroll software.

How will I be billed?

On the last day of each month you will be billed for the number of employees you processed in all of your companies during that specific month. Invoices will be generated on the last day of each month.

I process payrolls for many companies. Can these companies be added when I first log in and use Sage One Payroll?

Yes, multiple companies can be loaded on your profile and multiple users will be able to access multiple companies.

If I sign up now, can I do a take-on of the previous months in the tax year?

Yes you can. When you add your company, simply ensure that you select the month where you want the payroll to start loading from, rather than the current calendar month.

Does Sage One Payroll calculate all my statutory payments? How do I know what to pay?

Yes, Sage One Payroll calculates the PAYE, SDL and UIF that is due every month. Print the EMP201 report to see what payments are due to SARS. You can also electronically submit your declaration to UIF. Just do the UIF Submission from Sage One Payroll.

At the end of the tax year, we will calculate the OID values. Print the OID report to see what values to complete on your return. Then of course you can print your tax certificates from Sage One Payroll and also create the file to import into e@syFile before doing your reconciliation (so that you don't have to manually load those tax certificates before submitting them to SARS).

Can I process weekly wages on Sage One Payroll?

Yes, Sage One Payroll caters for monthly, weekly and biweekly paid employees.

Can leave be processed on Sage One Payroll?

Yes, Sage One Payroll caters for leave as required by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). You can thus manage your employees' annual, sick, family and maternity leave. Capture date driven transactions and attach documents such as sick notes to any transaction.

I need help!

Have a look at the help file - the link is always at the top of your screen in Sage One Payroll and you'll find information there on almost everything in Sage One Payroll.

Still need help? Then email your question to Sage One Payroll support.

There is so much payroll legislation. So, what about…


The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act covers all employers as well as casual and full-time workers who, as a result of a workplace accident or work related diseases, are injured, disabled, killed or become ill. Payment for medical costs, temporary disablement, permanent disablement and fatalities are covered by the OID.

Employers need to register with the Department of Labour by completing the W.As.2 form.

The W.As.8 is distributed during February/March each year and must be completed and submitted to the DoL each year by the 31st of March.

Go to the DoL website for more information on OID.


Employees' tax must be deducted from any payment made or benefit given to employees every month. The tax deducted on the payroll is seen as an advance payment of tax due by the individual at the end of the tax year.

Employers have to register with SARS by completing the EMP101 form within 14 days after becoming an employer. Payment of PAYE is due every month by the 7th and must be paid as part of your EMP201 payment to SARS.

Tax certificates (IT3a/IRP5) must be issued to employees at the end of February each year, or when the employee leaves the employment of an employer during the tax year. An EMP501 reconciliation must also be completed and submitted to SARS at the end of each tax year (filing season is usually in April and May). Tax certificates can be printed from Sage One Payroll. Sage One Payroll also generates a file to import into e@syFile, so that you don't have to manually capture tax certificates.

Go to the SARS website for more information on PAYE.


Skills Development Levy is a company contribution that employers must pay every month. The levy funds education and training through the SETAs.

Employers have to register with SARS by completing the EMP101 form if the total SDL leviable amount for the next 12 months will exceed R500 000. Registration must be done within 14 days after becoming an employer.

Payment of the 1% levy is due every month by the 7th and must be paid as part of your EMP201 payment to SARS.

Go to the SARS website for more information on SDL.


Unemployment Insurance Fund contributions are deducted and paid over on a monthly basis. UIF provides short-term payment to workers who are unemployed, or cannot work because they are on maternity leave, ill, etc.

Employers have to register with the UIF. Complete the UI-8 form and fax it to 012 337 1636. UIF will provide you with a registration number. Registration must be done within 14 days after becoming an employer.

The employee contributes 1% and the company contributes 1% every month. You need to pay over the contributions by the 7th of each month. If you pay over tax to SARS, then complete the EMP101 form and pay the UIF as part of your monthly EMP201 payment to SARS. If you are not registered with SARS, then pay UIF directly.

In addition to monthly payments, you need to declare your contributions to UIF. On My Payroll Online, you can electronically submit this declaration to UIF (so no need to complete those UI-19s manually). This declaration gives UIF all the information they need in terms of new and existing employees as well as employees leaving your employment.

Go to the SARS website for more information on UIF.

And how do I use…


SARS eFiling is free online software used for the submission of tax returns. This free service allows individual taxpayers, tax practitioners and businesses to register and submit tax returns, make payments and perform other interactions with SARS in a secure online environment.

Once registered, eFilers can submit returns, view their tax status and make payments to SARS electronically 24 hours a day!
eFilers are also given more time to make their submissions and payments. Individual taxpayers and trusts have more time to submit their returns which means longer to pay any additional income tax. And if you’re a business paying VAT, you get until the last working day of the month to pay it over (rather than the 25th of the month for manual filers).
You also have a full history of all submissions, payments and electronic correspondence available to you at the click of a button through the innovative reporting tool.
eFilers can also receive SMS and email notifications to remind you when submissions are due.
For more information go to the SARS eFiling website.


e@syFile™ Employer is a software package designed by SARS to help taxpayers manage their engagements with SARS quickly, easily and conveniently on their desktop.

e@syFile™ Employer can be downloaded onto your desktop and all work can be done offline. You only go online when you are ready to submit returns or reconciliations (EMP501) and tax certificates (IT3a/IRP5) to SARS or manage agent appointments (ITA88) via eFiling.

Go to the eFiling website to download the software, guides and manuals.